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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons to replace bone or augment bone healing during orthopedic reconstruction.

Most commonly, bone material (autograft) is harvested from patient’s own bone, in particular from the iliac crest. When the human bone quantity and/or quality are not enough alone to assist in those types of surgeries, other bone grafting options must be considered by the Surgeon.
There are alternative treatments to trauma and orthopaedic surgery, that do not use bone grafts. Only Health Care Professionals can determine whether a bone graft is appropriate for patients.

b.Bone supports the treatment of surgically created osseous defects or osseous defects resulting from traumatic injury to the bone by bone regeneration.

bbone benefits ok - bone regeneration - greenbone ortho

bbone benefits - bbone logo - bone regeneration - greenbone ortho Benefits

  • b.Bone is biomimetic as it replicates the structure of natural human bone and is progressively replaced by newly formed bone
  • b.Bone is bioactive thanks to its unique structural properties which facilitate the population of the scaffold with the body’s bone cells in order to generate new bone formation
  • Available in various shapes and sizes to best fit the bone defect and/or orthopaedic fixation systems
  • Totally safe and biocompatible
  • Vegetal origin, suitable for all patients (1)
  1. b.Bone is intended to be used as a bone substitute in adults. The effect of b.Bone in pediatric patients and in pregnant or breast-feeding women has not been established. Please take into consideration the contraindications listed in the IFUs.