Company Overview


Inspired by Nature

At GreenBone Ortho, our mission is to provide innovative, safe and effective solutions for bone regeneration.

Our team of scientists and chemists were inspired by Nature to develop an innovative biomimetic and bioactive bone substitute to address unmet clinical needs in bone reconstruction.
Specifically, GreenBone chose rattan wood because of its intrinsic structure that mimics human bone.

The idea was conceived and developed by a research group at ISTEC-CNR (Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics – National Research Council) lead by Dr. Anna Tampieri in Faenza (Italy). Her team developed an innovative and proprietary physical and chemical process to biomorphically transform rattan wood into a biomimetic bone substitute designed to facilitate the regeneration of the host bone. GreenBone Ortho has perfected this technology in order to ensure scale-up and delivery to physicians and patients worldwide.


GreenBone Corporate Social Responsability


Tackling climate change is an urgent challenge. Achieving net-zero CO2 target by 2050 is part of GreenBone progress strategy: we are committed to transitioning to lower carbon operations since 2022 when we started to explore a decrease in our carbon footprint for the manufacturing and supply of our products. This means that the total greenhouse gas emissions would be equal to the emissions removed from the atmosphere.

Some of the GreenBone’s active projects include:

  • collect rattan only from FSC certified supplier
  • reuse or recycle of consumables and reagent where possible
  • on site generation of renewable energy
  • review fleet moving to ultra-low or zero emission.


Last reporting year closed with a total of 236 tCO2e:

  • 62 tCO2e scope 1
  • 115 tCO2e scope 2
  • 59 tCO2e scope 3:


–             Cat. 4 – upstream transportation & distribution: 14.48

–             Cat. 5 – Waste generated in operations: 1.05

–             Cat. 6 – Business travel: 9.25

–             Cat. 7 – Employee commuting: 16.46

–             Cat. 8 – Upstream leased asset: 0.80

–             Cat. 9 – downstream transportation & distribution: 6.51

–             Cat. 10 – Processing of sold products: 10.00

GreenBone vision - greenbone ortho

GreenBone Vision

To be the lead innovator in the field of bone healing, inspired by nature, committed to advancing the science of bone regeneration and improving the lives of patients worldwide.

GreenBone mission - greenbone ortho

GreenBone Mission

At GreenBone our mission is to advance the science of bone regeneration through cutting-edge research and continuous innovation by partnering with researchers and physicians. We provide patients with safe, effective products that treat bone defects and promote healing. At Greenbone, we are dedicated to helping patients lead healthy, active, and more productive lives.

GreenBone Ortho Spa has adopted an Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, in order to prevent the commission of crimes and administrative offenses that can theoretically be carried out within the scope of the Company’s activity. An integral part of the Model is the Code of Ethics, which expresses the ethical values ​​and reference principles which Greenbone Ortho intends to inspire in the conduct of the business.

Code of Ethics (Italian version)


Organisational, Management and Control Model (Italian version)