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Bone defect filling with a novel rattan-wood based not-sintered hydroxyapatite and beta-tricalcium phosphate material (b. Bone™) after tricortical bone graft harvesting – A consecutive clinical case series of 9 patients

Volker Alt, Nike Walter, Markus Rupp, Thierry Begue , Michael Plecko


Ectopic bone formation causing chronic pubis symphysis pain: successful management with resection and pubic fusion

Niki D Mofori, George D Chloros, Peter V Giannoudis


Biomorphic Transformations: A Leap Forward in Getting Nanostructured 3-D Bioceramics

Simone Sprio, Andrea Ruffini, Anna Tampieri


Nature-Inspired Unconventional Approaches to Develop 3D Bioceramic Scaffolds with Enhanced Regenerative Ability

Andrea Ruffini, Monica Sandri, Massimiliano Dapporto, Elisabetta Campodoni , Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio


Bioactive Calcium Phosphate-Based Composites for Bone Regeneration

Marta Tavoni, Massimiliano Dapporto, Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio


Bone Regeneration in Load-Bearing Segmental Defects, Guided by Biomorphic, Hierarchically Structured Apatitic Scaffold

Elizaveta Kon, Francesca Salamanna, Giuseppe Filardo, Berardo Di Matteo, Nogah Shabshin, Jonathan Shani, Milena Fini, Francesco Perdisa, Annapaola Parrilli, Simone Sprio, Andrea Ruffini, Maurilio Marcacci, Anna Tampieri

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