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Heterogeneous chemistry in the 3-D state: an original approach to generate bioactive, mechanically-competent bone scaffolds

Anna Tampieri, Andrea Ruffini, Alberto Ballardini, Monica Montesi, Silvia Panseri, Francesca Salamanna, Milena Fini, Simone Sprio


Evaluation of the osteoinductive potential of a bio-inspired scaffold mimicking the osteogenic niche for bone augmentation

Silvia Minardi, Bruna Corradetti, Francesca Taraballi, Monica Sandri, Jeffrey Van Eps, Fernando J.Cabrera, Bradley K.Weinerbe, Anna Tampieri, Ennio Tasciotti


From wood to bone: multi-step process to convert wood hierarchical structures into biomimetic hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio, Andrea Ruffini, Giancarlo Celotti, Isidoro Giorgio Lesci, Norberto Roveri


Nature’s hierarchical materials

Peter Fratzl, Richard Weinkamer


Bioinspired structural materials

Ulrike G. K. Wegst, Hao Bai, Eduardo Saiz, Antoni P. Tomsia, Robert O. Ritchie


Study of the hydrothermal transformation of wood-derived calcium carbonate into 3D hierarchically organized hydroxyapatite

Andrea Ruffini, Simone Sprio, Anna Tampieri

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